Obscure Glass – Textured Glass

Decorative textured glass offers privacy by obscuring the view from one room to the next, while still allowing light to flow through.


Typically textured glass has been used in bathroom windows or doors, allowing a balance between letting natural light into a small space while also obscuring the view from the next room.

Obscure glass can also be used to block unattractive views from sight – for  example a window opposite a brick wall or a door through to a utility room.

There are different levels of obscuration, so depending on the location of the glass and the level of privacy required, there will be a grade of obscure glass to suit.

Available in a large range of patterns and textures, decorative glass is more than just a practical addition to a room and can add real style and flair.

Have a look at a selection of the obscure glass designs we carry, with our clock images placed behind each one, helping to show the different obscuration level of each pattern.

Or you can download the full catalogue from our Downloads page.


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