Below is a selection of obscure glass, placed in front of a clock face, to illustrate the degree of obscurity of each.

Degree of obscurity is measured on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 offers very low levels of privacy and 5 offers very high levels of privacy. Alternatively, to view our full range, you can download the full catalogue from our Downloads page

 Chantilly РLevel 2 Obscurity

Offering a very low level of privacy. Clock face can still be seen quite clearly.






taffeta obscure glassTaffeta – Level 3 Obscurity

Offering a medium level of privacy. Clock face partially obscured.








Mayflower – Level 4 Obscurity

Offering a high level of privacy. Clock face considerably obscured.








pelerine abstract textured glassPelerine – Level 5 Obscurity

Offering a very high level of privacy. Clock face completely obscured.

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