Frameless Glass Partitions and Doors

Frameless glass partitions look sleek, minimalist and modern.

They don’t just look good, frameless glass allows natural light to pass through thereby creating a natural working environment and saving on energy bills.

Choose traditional clear silicone for neat, seemingly joint free glazing, or transparent PVC for glazing joints that can be more easily dismantled should you decide to relocate the system at some point in the future.

Integral doors can be set on surface mounted floor springs with pivot head blocks and back to back push / pull handles, or free swinging with latch sets.

Handles, hinges and patch fittings are generally satin stainless steel but chrome fittings are also available.

The systems are supplied in the following guages of glass:

  • 10mm Toughened for glazing panels up to 2500mm high
  • 12mm Toughened for glazing panels above 2500mm high
  • 10.8 Laminated safety glass

The only part of the systems that are not transparent are the base channels that anchor the glazing panels to the floor, and the head and abutment tracks that fix them to the ceiling, walls or other solid surfaces.

Base channels are available in White or Silver but can be sprayed to any RAL Colour for an addition cost.

Glass panels can be opaque filmed in blocks, patterns or your company logo to provide additional visual enhancements or simply to conform to current manifestation regulations.

Whether you are in Norfolk or the wider East Anglia area, we can take care of your Frameless Glass Partition Project from pre-project advice all the way through installation to completion.

View the RAL Colour Chart System for more information and to view colours.

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